There Is Always Hope For Depression

Sometimes, life will kick you around,
but sooner or later,
you realize you’re not just a survivor.
You’re a warrior,
and you’re stronger
than anything life throws your way.

Depression can be deadly. On any level it is difficult – hard to endure and hard to watch or even understand. It is the most common affliction that no one talks about. Fear is a common component among family and friends.

When you are in a depression. taking the recommended steps to get out of it: calling someone, exercise, meditation, medication may not work at all. Nobody lives with depression on purpose. It is excruciating to tolerate, and it often drives other people away because of fear and helplessness.

The best description of being in a depression I have read is in Darkness Visible, William Styron’s honest and painful account of his depression and episodes. He understood it and could describe it from the inside, which was extraordinary to read. In finding a double for my own feelings, I felt seen and from there knew I was not alone.

The Hope for Depression Research Foundation is dedicated to finding a cure for depression and helping those who suffer with it. Succeeding in their mission involves collaboration and connection, two things we all need.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will benefit the Hope For Depression Research Foundation.


PLEASE speak with someone today at the national suicide prevention lifeline!