Diane M Conn, Photographer, Photography

Street Photographer

Diane M. Conn

I never set out to photograph people or objects. Rather, they announced themselves to me and I had no choice. It started with taking an image of people holding hands, just for the heck of it. I didn’t want to know about the people in the photo, their story, lives, how they met or anything. I wanted to look at the image of connection. I liked it, as simple as that. So I kept on taking them. Looking at the images afterwards, I felt a positive rush in my brain every time. Soon I started running after subjects, often leaving friends or dinners to get the shot, particularly of unusual pairings. I tried using an actual camera, but in the time it took to turn on and focus, I had lost the shot so it had to be my phone camera.

As I walked, wandered and ran around streets and parks I also started noticing the backs of people, either alone or with others. Their location, presence, engagement, attention, and posture told me so much. Again, no need to know them.

Then the bicycles started appearing – each its own work of art. In every imaginable location. Never two alike, and each with a story. Every place I have been so far has these three subjects to varying degrees.

Each and every time I go through these thousands of photos I now have, I notice I develop a sense of calm. A feeling of restoration comes over me, like a good sigh. This in itself is worth a lot for me these days and I cherish the notion that these photographs can provide that to me and others.